Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Games People Play

This post has been inspired from a post by THIS blogger and I had posted the first five on his comments. The sad part is that most of these are based on true events, people and some also to hearsay. This is also dedicated to Indian men who play games. You know who you are! Continuing that thread of thought, here is a post dedicated to some men I have known...

*I once knew a man who wrote poems in bed – to his mother.

*I once knew a man who worked as an sales executive at a big multinational – he turned out to be a cashier at Walmart.

*I once knew a man who claimed that size did not matter – he was 4 feet tall.

*I once dated a man who declared at heart he was a family man – his wife called me the next day.

*They say most men are animals in bed – pigs.

* I once dated a stockbroker who claimed he traded in bluechip stocks - Enron, Tyco, Halliburton and Worldcom.

* I knew a man who said he was a child at heart - He was 16 and wanted entry to a club.

* I knew a man who claimed money did not matter - He was bankrupt.

* I met a man who claimed his family was an institution - The institution of mental health.

* I knew a man once who claimed he knew many chicks intimately - He had a poultry farm.


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

and now you make my list look small in size and stature :) not fair :)

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