Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shogun, Dusit Thani, Bangkok

One thing that I hate about restaurants in asian hotels is that they hardly have any people. I know I hate people, but considering the fact that I eat most of my meals alone, eating at a crowded, full of happy families (ha! ha! ha!) restaurant sometimes cheers me up. No, its not what one would think, its because I get to eavesdrop, see hordes of dumb, crass, annoying people who consequently make me feel so much better about myself. Schadenfreude is my middle name!

Anyway, it is my aim to eat the best food possible while travelling to take away the thought of ghastly airline food. Yeah, right! Anyway, what I like about the Dusit Thani is that its right in the middle of Bangkok. What I hate about the Dusit Thani is pretty much what I hate about all asian hotels, the pimps and the annoying people in the lobbies on "business". What I REALLY like about the Dusit Thani are the restaurants. I like the french restaurant, the vietnamese restaurant, I even like the steakhouse. However, Bangkok does lead itself to errrr... over-eating and when one over-eats, the prospect of eating thai, french or anything else does not seem bright, leading one to... Japanese.

So, one walks down (well, uses the elevator) enters shogun, finds the chefs flirting with the middle aged haggard hostesses - yeah the restaurant was that empty, and one worries about the food. However, one's fears proved to be unfounded and the chef proved to be as talented with the food as he was with the ladies.

Ebi rolls - these were really, really good.

I've actually forgotten what these were called, but they were as luscious as they looked, especially the ones with the bigger roe.

The broiled/ braised (forgotten which) mackerel however was the scene stealer.

The grilled cod was good too, but not as good as the mackerel.

Well, the food made up for the dead atmosphere, and my plan of eating a "light" japanese dinner obviously did not work out, but I'm not complaining!



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