Sunday, July 08, 2007

Idiot Comments*

*I am not able to enter anything in the Title box

People seem to miss the point of blogs completely. One voices one's opinions, however skewed and non-rational they may be on one's blogs. If one reads a blog that one does not agree with and feels motivated enough to voice a comment, one should be aware that the blog owner moderates comments and will delete all anonymous comments that are:
(i) Trollish in nature
(ii) Full of grammatical errors
(iii) Based on one post the blogger posts and insulting in nature
(iv) Abusive
(v) Very apparently malicious.

MV, this is not intended for you, JFYI.



At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Varsha Carnivorous said...

I didn't think it was a snide shot at me to begin with, since every one of my comments gets posted uncensored, since, obvi, my comments rock.

And though you roll your eyes, you secretly know that I have seen to the heart of the universe and know the true truth. On those lines, I watched "The Peaceful Warrior" yesterday which is supposed to be this quasi-mystical self-realiszation crap movie. Ooops did I give away that its total CRAP ?

Anyway, I feel so hideous, since for the last three days I have been eating beef, beef and nothing but and now I realize why I gave up eating red meat to begin with.



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