Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sad Realisation That I No Longer Belong to the "Youth" Brigade

1. Not wanting to party after 11pm. Actually, after 11 pm I would rather sleep in my bed (bestest bed in the world) or play ikariam or watch Euro 2008, and whoever thinks saying fussball is pretentious - fussball! FUSSBALL! FUSSBALL!
2. I no longer want to wear trendy clothes. I'm very happy being comfortable.
3. I feel really bone-tired at the end of a day.
4. My feet have minute crows feet kind of patterning on the toes. I have made up my mind to put my alpha-hydroxy creams on my feet too.
5. I am just not interested in anyone younger than 25. This does not hold for my nephews and nieces. I am VERY interested in their lives.
6. I don't feel like jumping the bones of every random "my type" of guy.
7. I have suddenly lost ALL interest in candy. I find this very surprising.
8. I don't feel like slapping random people hard because I feel they shouldn't exist on this planet. Yes, I know how it makes me sound, but I am sure we all occasionally bump into such annoying types. Atleast I do.
9. Finally learning to keep my big fat mouth shut when it remains to be shut and not retorting, "Yeah, you and which army?"
10. Not getting as mad at minor annoyances as I used to get.



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