Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dealing with Americanisms

My accent is Indian and when I say Indian it means we pronounce things the British way. A Bag is not a "bayg" to us, it is "Baag". We eat "Biscuits" with tea and not cookies. Our cars run on "petrol" and not "gas". I always ask for my "Bill" after I finish my meal at a restaurant. English was taught to me by my parents first and then at a missionary school started by the British. So, is it a wonder I speak the way I do? I always have to do a mental check in my head when speaking with Americans. I am comfortable with anyone from the UK. They speak my language and they do not use "like", "awesome" and "really" after every sentence. However I find that most people who learn English from the excessive watching of Hollywood movies speak the American way and I occassionally find someone from Portugal now living in Macau saying "bayg" and "awesome". Its a funny world these days.


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