Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In Which Poo And I Write a Book...

...Trashing men.

Funny, at this point in my life I don't really hate any man, because I have gradually come to accept the general assholeishness of the men I love without prejudice (not just romantically), as I am sure they have accepted my bitchiness and randomness, but I still enjoy trashing men. Because, thats what women mostly do. Single women, i.e. not married ones. Married ones are always married to Gods, they just trash their girlfriends' boyfriends and how their single girlfriends should be careful because the men they are dating are not as "settled" (read: boring or similar to or not into IT) as their husbands.

As we recounted the miserable gits we had dated, who had "seen" us (the arranged marriage thing), who thought that we thought they were a free ticket to the USA (argh! I still have visions of my ex-boyfriend's concerned father* asking me, "Are you interested in him just because he stays in the USA?"), Who's mothers thought we were too strong for their sons (yes, has happened with both of us multiple times) and who's mothers thought we were either too fat, too tall, too top-heavy (the wife of concerned father* - ex-bf, do you still wonder why I was in a hurry to not know you?), too independent, not earning well enough, earning too well, not rich enough, too rich by their standards, hair too straight and not curly enough (happened with Poo), laughed too much and too easily, talked too much, were frivolous, did not wear make-up, wore too much make-up, too young, too old, too dark, too fair, wore glasses, did not wear glasses, was too educated, was not educated enough...

All the above have been reasons quoted by men doing the arranged marriage thing or even the non-arranged marriage thing, at which point we just busted out of the marriage mart, because if there's one thing that I don't want my life partner to do, it is to constantly judge me.

Point to be noted, there has been no bias of any kind where the men were concerned, men we reviewed were reasonably well-educated with atleast a bachelors degree, mostly PhDs and MBAs with bowlfuls of professionals thrown in - pilots, doctors, architects, lawyers, public servants, engineers.


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