Monday, November 22, 2004

Why oh Why..

...Are men from the UK so whiny? I love their accents and the way they can party (read: outdrink an elephant and hold a real conversation rather than talking about themselves), the way they can laugh at themselves and the fact that they don't ask me dumb questions about India. Every Englishman worth his salt knows about India and Indian customs. However, men from the UK can really, really whine.

I met this man at the conference who had a run of bad luck while travelling. He lost one of his four suitcases (who in their right mind travels with four suitcases on business? Even I, with my shoe fetishes carried only two suitcases and a handbag), food ran out at whichever reception he went to and his calls were not understood by the Japanese lady at the reception desk. I would whine too if I were him, but they way he whined was amazing. He just went on and on and on. I marvelled at his whining technique and then before it got out of hand made good my escape, only to meet another of my friend from the UK who also started whining about the food that ran out. Then I sighted my German friend who too faced a food shortage. I thought that I'd have to hear another bout of whining, but no, Jurgen (sorry no umlauts here) said, "I hear they have food at the bar upstairs, want to join me for a bite?"


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