Saturday, April 16, 2011

What They Dont Teach At IIMs

If I had a dollar for every overeducated asshole I met, I would have atleast a quarter million dollars. Somehow these days being a nice human being equals being unsuccessful. Atleast that is what they teach at the IITs and the IIMs. These are the people running organizations, very successfully. These are the people who make India shining. These are the people who are the cream of the crop and these are the people who are represent India in most global forums. These are the people who compose the majority of my friends, who a majority of my friends are married to, and who I have grown up with. Yet, I have zero respect for them as human beings.
Fine, your IQ is 130+, you went to a better college but does that give you the licence to be a complete jerk? You too will kick the bucket some day and in pretty much the same manner as any other person who is not God's gift to mankind. One may think I'm mad and given to ranting, YET you decide after these scenarios whether these guys are assholes or not.
1. Guy asks (lady) colleague if she needs help shopping for groceries, as she doesnt have a car. On way back, guy asks lady if he can come up. Lady says no. Guy says, "Well, fine, but dont think I wont be fucking other women then." Guy from an IIM and a professor to boot. His female students have all my sympathy.
2. Guy points to pillar and tells lady, I can be that for you. Lady asks if he is married or not. Guy says, "I'm a free man." Lady finds out guy is married for last 20 years and nowhere near a divorce. Guy from an IIM.
3. Guy tells lady he is meeting in an arranged marriage thing, "Well, you know I am a catch. While you are probably my intellectual equal, the other options I have will look better with me everywhere." Guy from IIT/ IIM.
4. Guy tells lady, "I have been with hundreds of women, and they are good to fuck, but I'd rather sit here and have a conversation with you." A winner this one, ladies. Guy from an IIM.
5. Guy meets college friend (Lady) at the airport. Guy doesnt introduce trophy wife to Lady after learning she is still single. Guy from IIT/ IIM.

The above scenarios did not happen with me. So, apparently I am not alone in thinking going to the best universities/ colleges in India, does not automatically make you superior or God's gift to womankind/ mankind.

In my opinion, the following courses should be taught at the IITs and IIMs post haste:
1. How to behave with women who are your social, economical and intellectual equals 101.
2. Manners To Display with ladies whose pants you are aiming to get into 101. (Newsflash - Being a jerk and having the last word is not going to cut it)
3. How to handle initial rejection without coming across as a complete asshole 101.
4. What not to say to your female colleagues 101. (MAYBE Phaneesh Murthy could be a guest professor)
5. How to deal with the fact that women will always exist at the workplace whether you like it or not 101.

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At 7:51 AM, Blogger Nithya said...

This is so true! I studied at IIT Bombay -just passed out last year actuallyand I have stories, just like yours, to tell.
I don't know how these guys manage to be such douches. They're so transparently calculating. I know I'm wildly generalising here, but stuff like this happens far more often than people think.
I love that you put it out there.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am posting this comment very late....almost 2 years late....but do you know about the other side?

Every 3rd IIT/IIM graduate gets random proposals from women who treated them like untouchables before they "made it". Yes, believe it or not, this is true. Does that make women in general sluts/gold-diggers/arrogant? No. The incidents you mentioned are "shocking" because of the people involved had an IIT/IIM tag.

People are just people. Let them be

And oh yes, you do not even know any of those people! And you still called IIT/IIM people "arrogant"? Give me a few days' time to find a suitable adjective for what you are trying to do here.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

One expects better from one's classmates, friends, seniors. Feel slightly qualified to make judgements, having grown up on a IIT campus and being educated at one.

Its a material world, we all know and agree, however, bad behaviour is bad behaviour and even more shocking when it comes from people one would least expect it from.

What I'm trying to do here is to drill sense into people, regardless of their education to stop behaving like jackasses.

Have no reason to believe women wouldn't behave in a similar fashion. Will be happy to post similar posts if men relate their tales of woes.


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