Friday, June 04, 2004

Hello people, this is me, plumpie!

After indulging in some linky-love, the number of people visiting my blogs seems to have increased as observed by comments made by people other than Miss Varsha, the sis, the cuz, Layne, Helen, Owl, Randy, Andrew (whoa! Are you there, yet?) and Dem.

So, you are here. Good. Now that you have arrived here, remember that these posts are of a personal nature. Plumpie is entitled to her views and opinions, however skewed they may be. Apart from the people mentioned above, I doubt I shall respond to the comments, simply because I have no time and I am not interested in any one else's comments but the people who matter to me. I would reflect on the comments, it is always interesting, but interactive responding to comments here would be very less. Also, patronizing comments left here indicate that you need to get a life and look into a mirror. I've not met any saints so far, so being all saintly, good and politically correct will not really change anything, will it?

I also dont feel inclined to pimp around by putting more feeds on my blog. I dont really care whether people read this blog or not. Besides I just do not have the time. Which is also why you will not find any tracker here or mention of how popular this blog might get ( though I seriously doubt it) because I just do not care. Thats how antisocial plumpie is, yes. This does not mean that you leave rude comments, because comments CAN be traced, hehehehe, plumpie's not THAT zen. All rude comments will be deleted without any further explanations.

That said, I am going to Geneva in ten days time! Yay! Yay! Yay! Its for work, though, but I get to see Switzerland now. How cool is that?


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