Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mangio - Alipore

17/1F Alipore Road, Calcutta 27
Phone: 033-2449 0863

Firstly sorry for the crappy pic (not mine, I flicked it off telegraph - thats the only one I could find). Those helmet like things you see on the counter are actually entree domes. They kind of reminded me of the tacky extras in those old-time 80s television mythological drama war scenes. I liked the decor, casual chic they attempted and achieved as much as they could, though I really like my seating to have backs. I don't like couchy seating areas, but I am willing to forgive such foibles.
Now, for the food. The menu is not very extensive and the juices nice but expensive. I feel cheated when I pay Rs. 280 for 150 ml of juice, but it was good. I had the carrot sweet lime fresh juice, bypassing the smoothies. The juice could do with more cooling, especially since the temperatures seem to be hitting new heights.

We ordered a caesar salad, a chicken sandwich and baked fish in a packet. The caesar salad was very good. It came with crispy bacon and the dressing was just right. The ITC Sonar Bangla's Eden Pavilion's caesar salad used to be my standard fix for caesar salad until the chef changed and the new chef totally ruined it. Now, I have again found my favourite caesar salad in Calcutta and they use Romaine lettuce rather than the other places in Calcutta who mostly use iceberg.

The chicken sandwich came with fries. Despite the fries being yummy, this was my least favourite dish out of the entire meal. The filling could have been more flavorful in my opinion.

The baked fish in the parcel was my favourite order. It was delicately flavoured with basil, lemon and other herbs and every mouthful of fish was juicy and flavorful. The fish came with carrots, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant and potato, each baked perfectly.

As often happens on occasions like this, I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures of the food. Still, the service was very good, the waiters for a change knew the food being served and were attentive.

However, one thing that NEVER changes in Calcutta is the er... "Vegetarian" loud crowd. Yes, you know who you are. Is it too hard to talk normally like other folks do? I don't enjoy hearing about Anshul Jijaji or Kamla Bhabhi and I most certainly do not want to hear your pregnancy woes over my hot chocolate and the sight of you asking for your fresh lime soda to be split one into two or passing your paan masala around to your equally chavvy gang after a posh meal.... Words fail me....

AND........ Thank me for the phone number and the address, especially the phone number. Also, next time, I take pictures.


Monday, May 21, 2007

In Which I Want To Wring Necks

If I read one more gushy blog post about how wonderful everyone's mothers are, I shall wring someone's neck. I'm sure most people like their moms, but if all these moms actually did their jobs right, would there be so many asshats around?


Ze Worlde Eet Ees Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Swilling cold, refreshing drinks on a lazy Sunday afternoon and pondering on the crazy ways of the world that make my weekends stressful and my weekdays calm, I reach the conclusion that life ees not so bad afterall.

Which is why, in a city that is ALL mozart, mozart and more mozart, finding Christain Doppler's birthplace suddenly seems way cool.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Very Bored

I am too bored to even blog.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Where I dined in...

1. The Signature Room
2. Chicago Chop House
3. Japonais

New York
1. The Spotted Pig
2. Geisha
3. Mercer Kitchen
4. Buddakan
5. Grand Central Oyster Bar

And now it is time to diet...