Saturday, May 08, 2010

Boundaries and Fences

1. The Internet is not really an anonymous medium. You may have a nickname but that doesn't mean you have to be obnoxious. Amazingly, a lot of people forget this. I'm outspoken, if provoked and this blog is a testament of that fact. Still, there is a difference in being outspoken and being obnoxious. Putting down people without reason is juvenile.
2. Everyone on the Internet is not looking for a match making experience, even if they are single, such as moi. I am polite, flirty even but taken. I dont wish to discuss my personal life in public and that is that. It is irritating to have people hitting on you just because one doesnt like to gush on and on about one's personal life.
3. Being abusive is fine, as is swearing, but sometimes it is revolting, especially when your abuse involves the female genitalia. Just why calling someone female genitalia is abusive, I don't understand, however, I find it very offensive, next to racist abuses people tend to use rather freely.
4. Being on twitter has been an eye opener on how people younger than I, feel and think. Well, nothing has changed with the demographic I am familiar with - engineering/ management graduates. Still misogynist, sexist, racist and desperately chasing tags. Is it a wonder I feel like a misfit at work? Who am I kidding? Indian men just do not know how to behave with women at work and never will learn until their mothers stop treating like Gods. Mommy dearest, are you listening?

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