Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drunk Mommy

I visited my parents last weekend, across the country. Normally the flight always puts me in a bad mood because after most airlines decided to stop all Calcutta-Pune-Calcutta flights, one has to make a detour via Mumbai, Chenna, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Yes, those are the alternatives. Doesn't make sense to you too, right? What should be a 3 hours flight, now takes 5-7 hours, depending on what route you take/ get/ are lumped with. However, I did not mind the flying time because with time, come riches and flying biz, does tone down those rough edges somewhat. Also, no one was sitting next to me and that ALWAYS is a good thing.

Anyhow, we (parents, my sister's family) have a tradition of going out for dinner whenever my brother and/or I visit my parents. This time, my sister made reservations at some place that no one was over-enthusiastic about and when we started, we decided to go to Stone Water Grill instead. The food was great, not the desserts and a good time was had by all. I ordered a wine, a white Torres Vina Esmeralda, that my wine club had done a tasting of recently, and the entire clan liked it, no mean feat, I can tell you. Even my mother. Now, mom has started drinking wine recently after a holiday with her college friends, who she has reconnected with, after moving to Pune. This always leads to good-natured ribbing, because all these years Mom put on a holier than thou act and it took one holiday with friends for her to get on the wagon!

Anyhow, during the meal, I suggested getting Mom drunk and this tickled my Dad pink and he couldn't stop laughing.

My parents always crack me up. And now, I am all teary-eyed and choked-up.

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