Sunday, January 30, 2005

So long?

This year I have taken on far more than I can handle - studies, exams, qualifications, personal stuff, weight loss, travelling and maybe buying a house. I've just returned from one trip and am leaving for another one tomorrow. I have already been to four countries this year and the rest of my year is packed with commitments that just have to be met. Added to that, the parents are well-known in a tiny part of the world atleast and I am terrified of being discovered. This blog has served as a good buffer meanwhile, and has comforted me when I was angry, sad, lonely, hurt and depressed. With great sorrow, I type in one of my last posts, and wish I had the leisure of time. Life however, beckons (in the form of open suitcases that have to be packed) and I'm raring to go. For the record, I now have 46 pairs of shoes. Cheers!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Most of the time

I'm clear focused all around,
Most of the time
I can keep both feet on the ground,
I can follow the path, I can read the signs,
Stay right with it, when the road unwinds,
I can handle whatever I stumble upon,
I don't even notice he's gone,
Most of the time.

Most of the time
It's well understood,
Most of the time
I wouldn't change it if I could,
I can't make it all match up, I can hold my own,
I can deal with the situation right down to the bone,
I can survive, I can endure
And I don't even think about him
Most of the time.

Most of the time
My head is on straight,
Most of the time
I'm strong enough not to hate.
I don't build up illusion 'till it makes me sick,
I ain't afraid of confusion no matter how thick
I can smile in the face of mankind.
Don't even remember what his lips felt like on mine
Most of the time.

Most of the time
he ain't even in my mind,
I wouldn't know him if I saw him
he's that far behind.
Most of the time
I can't even be sure
If he was ever with me
Or if I was with him.

Most of the time
I'm halfway content,
Most of the time
I know exactly where I went,
I don't cheat on myself, I don't run and hide,
Hide from the feelings, that are buried inside,
I don't compromise and I don't pretend,
I don't even care if I ever see him again
Most of the time.

He's the best when it comes to reversed bitter-sweet love songs, non?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Stepford Wives

Few days back, I attended a garden party and some ladies who were friends of friends were invited since the attendees needed to be an even mix of men and women. I had my first encounter with hard-core corporate wives who gave me the once-over to check out the women their husbands dealt with on a day to day basis. (Not my words, I actually overheard one of the ladies say this to another one) My designer togs (one weeks' salary and something that I know I looked good in, since I always get compliments when I wear this particular dress) were described as "mix-and-match", my shoes as "Bata?" (3.5 days salary and not Bata, though some of my Bata shoes are not bad at all) and one of my brightest female colleague was asked if she worked as a typist. What is it with these women anyways? I would have felt offended but I only felt pity and sorrow for women who need to be nasty to women almost half their age and less privileged than them.

The party was fun, I met interesting and intelligent people (both men and women) and it would have been perfect had I not heard those nasty women's snide remarks. I have often told people that faces reflect souls and that nastiness shows on faces and I wanted to let these women know that maybe they would have fewer wrinkles if they were pleasanter to other women. Its true, I have actually noticed that women who are beautiful inside have pleasanter faces than the ones who are nasty and mean.

Home Alone

My parents are moving, so I am getting my parents' huge refridgerator and the couch. I plan to use my tiny fridge as a bar/ wine cellar. This means no more de-frosting woes. No more bothering about left-overs and wondering and plotting and planning how to stuff them into the fridge. No more looking longingly at gorgonzola and feta and not buying them, fearing that they wouldnt last in the fridge. No more bothering about chilling bubbly or even lemonade. No more agonising over running out of ice cubes.

Small town girl

I'm sometimes afraid Calcutta will run out of people to know. I seem to know EVERYBODY. Everybody of any worth, that is. Now, the funny thing is that I know people and people know me, but not the way in which I would acknowledge that I know them and vice versa. Why are grown up games so hard to play?

I've lost 10 pounds. Yay! It is nice to be called ravishing, even if one knows that it was an insincere compliment. To be acknowleged to be on the better looking side is flattering for any girl, non?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Epiphany, nonsensical

I was feeling hep when I suddenly realised I now have more than 10 nieces and nephews put together. Ewwwww.....

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Let them eat cake

Enough said.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Garlic saves the day

Nestle should be held responsible for thrusting bland, inedible starch down the gullets of people stupid enough to buy instant Maggi noodles. I hate Maggi. I eat Top Ramen instead, not that it is any better, still. I have been experimenting for the past one year to see what can be added to Chicken flavoured smoodles to make them more edible. Don't say it, I know I am truly mad, and I am a person possessed when it comes to making ground-breaking inventions of the non-profitable, useless kinds. I have tried adding chives, onion, green chilli, peppers, black pepper, worchestershire sauce, hot sauce, soy, onions, pieces of chicken, chicken curry and mushroom soup powder (the vilest of the lot) in different permutations and combinations. I bought the chicken flavour all year long just for experimentation. Most of the time, after tasting, I would flush down the entire contents of the saucepan. Tonight, I discovered the one secret ingredient that makes smoodles edible - garlic paste and once the noodles are cooked, a sprinkle of garlic flakes. Now I can finally stop buying chicken smoodles. Whew!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Flurys but not quite

Flurys has been a Calcutta institution, and now they have changed everything, in my opinion, for the better.


The day I was leaving for my holiday, I came across this brave fellow walking in between moving vehicles. In Calcutta, you see everything.

Shoe-of-the-day Days 17 - 19

These were taken long, long ago, but I didnt have time to upload them before leaving for my holiday. So here we are with days 17 to 19.

Shoe-of-the-day Day 17

Shoe-of-the-day Day 18

Shoe-of-the-day Day 19

I do seem to have a lot of black shoes, non? I still have loads of black shoes, I really think now I need to buy other colours.

I have a date on Tuesday

I have terrible taste in music, according to most people, BUT so what? I am too old to be trendy and I absolutely refuse to like maroon 5. I also like rock stars with terrible tastes in style, so it was obvious that I should have my first huge crush on Rod Stewart, he of the purple spandex pants. This Tuesday they are showing Rod Stewart's concert at Albert Hall at 10:00 p.m. So, I shall relive my teenage days and wonder what makes an ageing rock star tick. How I wish it was me!!!

Happy New Year

I'm back, and I'm alive. I really thought I'd die early but I've stayed alive for another year. Heh. I have had a nice vacation and from tomorrow, I go back to work. Nice.