Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Women + Wine = Fallen Woman?

Prior Art: They say that if you aren't sure of something, you should keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool rather than open it and confirm the sorry fact. Anyhow. Being inclined towards the good things in life, including Le food and Le drink, I am inclined to socializing based on my likes, so that even if I secretly don't like the people I meet, I at least am sticking to the pleasure principle by enjoying my food and drink.
Background: My work involves occasionally imbibing huge quantities of alcohol and still having a clear head and no, I don't work for UB. College prepared me well for this aspect of my job and I confidently can state that I can out drink a normal man (I do know of some Goliaths and this david, cannot slay them, but the average man who likes his drink, I can out drink). I hate people making drinking or any pleasure of life an ego thing, since I feel it takes away the initial pleasure. After 3 bottles, the wine one drinks, could be plonk and one would still feel it was a Mouton de Rothschild, still if so inclined, I can be competitive.
At work, I really work, but outside work, I am a secret party animal. However, you could never make this out if you saw me at work.
Description: Calcutta, cracks me up. I joined a sorta secret sisoty of people who get together to enjoy food and drink. When I do things, I do them very literally. I wouldnt have joined if there was any other ulterior motive, such as social climbing - something I hate from the bottom of my heart. Apparently, the objective of this sisoty has not been taken as literally as I did, by everyone in it. I met someone I had been sorta communicating professionally and I got talking and then this guy asked me if I was the self same ogress plumpernickel and I said yes and he appeared gobsmacked. According to him, my erstwhile reputation as a non-smoking, non-drinking pavitra bhartiya nari (FAIL!) was now in tatters, since I apparently enjoyed sura and sur and therefore was now typecast as a fallen women. Oh Calcutta! Indeed!

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