Monday, August 09, 2010

Delegation 101

Yesterday was a work event. An important work event. I was feeling unusually confident about the abilities of my co-workers. So, I delegated cutesy photo taking to an underling. These are the spectacular results. Not one, not five, but SEVENTY THREE examples of stellar photography. Well played underling, well played!

Delegation 101 - DON'T.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Leaps And Bounds

In 2009, I started getting plants into my 6 year old house. I wanted to put in roots? I wanted desperately to have a garden. Growing up in a bungalow with a half acre garden, makes one desperately want green. I started out by getting 5 plants and a gardener, who after laughing long and hard at my 5 pots, started gifting me all unwanted rejects from the massive gardens he tended to. I also started adding a plant here and a plant there. Now, I have over 40 plants. And, my aloe vera is thriving in not one but 2 pots.
This was my aloe vera plant when I got it in 2009.
This is my Aloe Vera now. It is thriving and actually sprouting babies. From one straggly Aloe Vera baby, I now have over 10 Aloe Vera plants. The big fat one that is tied to the stick is the original plant.
Another pic.
A lot of you accomplished gardeners may laugh at my foolhardy attempts. But, when I return from work and see my plants, I know I'm home.

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