Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Gonna Get a Haircut Even If I Have to Cut It Myself

The baker has a barber who comes to give him a champi (Head massage with oil), a haircut and an occasional shave. Tradition dictates that barbers are all gossips at heart and talk non-stop. The baker's barber too is a chatterbox and delivers random gossip while he is getting his haircut/ champi/ shave.

Few days back, the baker got to know that the barber had a "saloon" (barbershop) called "Red World". Red World because everything in it was red coloured. The barber's chair, the mirror frame, the aprons, even his scissors were red. Apparently, the saloon faced stiff competition from an older barber. However, the jazziness of "Red World" attracts all the young rakes in his locality and the barber was an expert at "modern" hairstyles downloaded from "compooter".

The baker's hair has just started growing back, and so, he asked his barber if he could recommend a "modern" hairstyle and what was currently a popular style these days. The barber told him with a deep sigh, "Aajkal to PHUNKY chal raha hai. (Funky - phunky hairstyles are in vogue now)" On further probing, it was revealed that PHUNKY hairstyles have random spikes and layers and it all makes no sense whatsoever. Moreover, the baker would have to wait for another 6 months atleast, in order to get a phunky hairstyle.

So, all you readers of my blog, anytime you are in the mood for a PHUNKY hairstyle, while travelling in the interiors of eastern India, you can always head to "Red World" saloon. Mention the baker, and you will get a discount too. Doing my bit for local businesses, since 2003.