Tuesday, June 16, 2015


1. Look at the painting/ artwork and see if it makes you think or happy.
2. If it makes you happy and you are happy with the price, buy it. Obviously, this should be avoided if you are high or drunk (yes, it happens).
3. If you share your home space with a family, take a general consensus. Art leads to many future disputes, because people are different and opposites attract. So what you like, may not be appreciated by your partner/ kids. Be democratic. Remember, after they kick the bucket/ set up their own homes, you are free to do what you want, until then, maintain peace.
4. If the artwork makes you think, does it give you positive thoughts? There are very many artworks that are provocative or just depressing.
5. If the artwork gives you non-negative thoughts and you think it will not revolt you in the future, buy it.
6. Do not buy Art for investment. It is stupid. The only people who benefit from Art sales are Art dealers and grand-children/ great-grand-children.
7. If you have lots of money to burn, cool. Let's be friends! If you have a limited budget, buy younger artists, keeping the above in mind.
8. If you have a limited budget, do not be embarassed to ask the dealer for a discount. A 10-20% discount is easily achieved from most dealers. Do remember, this is true in ALL countries. I have bought Art from over 15 countries and have achieved this everywhere. However, be respectful of the Dealer and the Artist, while requesting discounts. Niceness goes a long, long way.
9. Always request the Dealer for an Authenticity Certificate. If the Artwork is not new, ask for a trail of ownership.
10. Get invoices and avoid all-cash deals. This I recommend for 3 reasons: Firstly, if the Artwork increases in value, and you want to sell it at a later date, it will be easy to account for this sale. Secondly, you can place a value on what you are leaving, after you. Thirdly, if a dealer is willing to go through a shady deal, maybe the artwork is not the value that is being ascribed to it.
11. Never be afraid to enquire about prices of Art. A lot of good Art is cheaper than jewellery/ eating out and will give you far more pleasure!

Happy collecting!