Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books Etc Giveaway - Results

My books giveaway has been a success! All books, save 5 which I decided not to give were given away. I have successfully sent off all parcels. I have 1 shelf cleared. I shall be posting the second list soon. I know I have been tardy, but life has been rather full at the moment. Hope all of the people who've got the books enjoy them.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Books Etc Giveaway

I have a big pile of stuff I no longer want. Throwing in the trash seems heartless and I would rather someone who really wants to read/ use, gets to read the books/ use stuff. the books/ stuff are all in good condition with minimal wear and tear. Most books are paperbacks. I will be snipping off the page on which I normally scrawl my name for obvious reasons. Other than that they are in very good condition. The reason I am abandoning these books is that I am running out of space at home and I dont wish to keep them for eternity.
I will be crossing out the stuff as soon as it gets booked. All you need to do is email me your mailing address on plumpernickel at gmail dot com. The books will be sent by speedpost. My real life friends and family obv get first preference, but there is a good chance you will. If you have booked a book and it has been previously booked and I have not struck it off the list, I will email you back and inform you. Please understand that I will post the books/ stuff only anywhere in India. Please also do not ask for more than 10.
Anywhere this is the list: The ones struck off have already been booked.

  1. Shopaholic & Sister - Sophie Kinsella
  2. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan - Sophie Kinsella
  3. Can you keep a secret - Sophie Kinsella
  4. the Boy next door - Meggin cabot
  5. My Sainted Aunts - Bulbul Sharma
  6. Shopaholic & Baby - Sophie Kinsella
  7. Five Quarters of the orange - Joanne Harris
  8. Big Bangs - Beverley Macdonald
  9. Written in Blood - Beverley Macdonald
  10. Sex and the City - Candace Bushnell
  11. Made in America - Sam Walton
  12. After the banquet - Yukio Mishima
  13. Passenger to frankfurt - Agatha Christie
  14. Lark Rise - Flora Thompson
  15. The Sea - John Banville
  16. Wild Swans - Jung Chang
  17. Caravans - James A. Michener
  18. The Woman & the Ape - Peter Hoeg
  19. The way to paradise - Mario Vargas Llosa
  20. Vernon God Little - D B C Pierre
  21. The line of beauty - Alan Hollinghurst
  22. Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
  23. The opposite of fate - Amy Tan
  24. Amrita - Banana Yoshimoto
  25. The year of yes - Maria Headley
  26. Everything happens for a reason - Kavita Daswani
  27. Bright Lights Big Ass - Jen Lancaster
  28. Virtual Realities - Neelam Saran Gour
  29. Chasing Cezanne - Peter Mayle
  30. Lipstick Jungle - Candace Bushnell
  31. The Girl who loved Tom Gordon - Stephen king
  32. Rose madder - Stephen king
  33. Rude Food - Vir Sanghvi
  34. The Bad Mother's Handbook - Kate Long
  35. Jigs & Reels - Joanne harris
  36. Cause celeb - Helen Fielding
  37. My Latest Grievance - Elinor lipman
  38. Texas - James A. Michener
  39. The Devil wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger
  40. The Hippopotamus - Stephen Fry
  41. Moonlight Becomes You - Mary Higgins Clark
  42. 4 Blondes - Candace Bushnell
  43. whale Done - the power of positive relationships - Ken Blanchard
  44. Pop - truth and power at the Coca Cola Company - Constance L. Hays
  45. Memories of my melancholy whores - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  46. The Wonderspot - Melissa Bank
  47. The Sovereignity of Good - Iris Murdoch
  48. Everyone worth knowing - Lauren Weisberger
  49. The rough guide to Paris
  50. Still Life - A. S. Byatt
  51. Saving Fish from Drowning - Amy Tan

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